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  • A "WILD" Night in Bend!

    A "WILD" Night in Bend!

    Saturday, March 7, 2015, 7:00pm
    A "WILD" Night in Bend!: Walk the entire PCT without leaving your seat and celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Wildness Act!


  • Sundance / Slamdance 2015 - Day 4

    Sundance / Slamdance 2015 - Day 4

    Leaving Park City early can be either depressing or relieving – or both simultaneously. It’s depressing because you could do it forever and relieving because there’s no way in hell a human being can do it forever. The one thing you learn is that you can’t do it all when you’re there – or really even about 5% of it. All you can do is be thankful for the discoveries you made, the people you met and the friendships or biz partnerships that have deepened. This trip was all that and more. And as I flew past the Central Cascades of Oregon on a clear day, I was definitely relieved to return to a place like Bend.

  • Sundance / Slamdance 2015 - Day 3

    Sundance / Slamdance 2015 - Day 3

    Park City is experienced in waves – especially when you’re on the cusp of 40. You just can’t do long lines and late nights twice in a row. With that said…Day #3 came after a great, relaxing day of kicking back exclusively at Slamdance. It was time to “get back out there”.

  • Sundance / Slamdance 2015 - Day 2

    Sundance / Slamdance 2015 - Day 2

    Saturday at Sundance is when the crowds start to pour in. When it was easy to get a seat on Friday is incredibly difficult on Saturday. So when a bit of exhaustion from the night before creeps in and you can’t deal with lines…you have the lovely refuge of Slamdance – which is where I spent my Saturday.

  • Sundance / Slamdance 2015 - Day 1

    Sundance / Slamdance 2015 - Day 1

    Park City for Sundance and Slamdance is much like Bend during BendFilm...multiplied by a good 1,000. The buzz in the air is similar the excitement of the audience and filmmakers the same and the scenery here -'s not too bad either. It's my third time here for the festivals. I love coming because for two weeks this is the one place where indie film is the most important thing going on. And these weeks set the independent film tone for the entire year.

  • Submissions Open Soon!

    Submissions Open Soon!

    Submissions will be open February 6, 2015!

  • #Giving Tuesday is Here!

    #Giving Tuesday is Here!

    Tuesday, December 2nd is Giving Tuesday! It's the perfect day be a BendFilm Member.

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  • 2014 Award Winners Announced

    2014 Award Winners Announced

    2014 BendFilm Festival Announces Award Winners.

  • Finally, Film-loving Young Parents: Child Care!

    Finally, Film-loving Young Parents: Child Care!

  • Get Your Tickets Now!

    Get Your Tickets Now!

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