2018 Festival Live Music

Bend has a thriving music scene. You don’t need to travel far to see some of the best bluegrass, folk, pop, indie rock, and alt-country in the state. Each year, we’re excited to showcase a variety of local bands. Enjoy these short sets while you wait for the next film to start. Shows are subject to change.


Adam Gussow
 “Adam” in the film “Satan and Adam”

Plays Before:
Satan & Adam | 10/12/18 6:00 pm |McMenamins-Theater
Satan & Adam | 10/13/18 12:45 pm |Cascades Theatrical Co.


Appaloosa Duo 
Appaloosa is a local Americana band which plays new Folk and old Country music in a rootsy, raw, and authentic configuration. Performing as a duo or a full-on 6 piece big band, Appaloosa is led by songwriters Dottie and Eli Ashley.

Plays Before:
Documentary Shorts #2 | 10/12/18 5:30 pm | Cascades Theatrical Co.
Dawnland |  10/12/18 8:00 pm | Cascades Theatrical Co.
All The Wild Horses | 10/13/18 8:00 pm | Tower Theater


Bend Burlesque
Bend Burlesque is a troupe of circulating performers who delight in comedy, the art of tease, the art of drag, and whatever else we are able to muster from the pop culture of the 1970’s to modern day space exploration.

Plays Before:
Silicone Soul | 10/12/18 5:45 pm | Volcanic Theatre
Late Night shorts |10/12/18  8:15 pm | Volcanic Theatre
Prospect |  10/12/18 10:30 pm | Volcanic Theatre
Cartooning From The Deep End | 10/13/18 5:30 pm | Volcanic Theatre
Dig! | 10/13/18 8:00 pm | Volcanic Theatre
Prospect | 10/13/18 10:30 pm | Volcanic Theatre


CJ Neary
CJ Neary is 12 years old and a student at Realms middle school, he has already had a full career as a violinist and is about to start recording his first album of original lyrics and music with the CJ Neary Band.

Plays Before:
Dirt  McComber: Last of the Mohicans | 10/12/18 5:30 pm | McMenimens-Fr. Luke’s
In Reality | 10/12/18 8:15 pm | McMenimens-Fr. Luke’s
Youth Unstoppable | 10/14/18 10:30 am | McMenimens-Theater
Future Filmmakers | 10/14/18 1:00 pm | McMenimens-Theater


Company Grand 
Homegrown in Central Oregon, Company Grand is comprised of nine musicians laying down sweet tasty funk with an all original desert grit, overlaid with alluring flavors of New Orleans juice and just a hint of Parliament.

Plays Before:
OPENING NIGHT FILM: Leave No Trace |10/11/18 5:30 pm | Tower Theater (outside)


Coyote Willow
Coyote Willow is an exciting artistic partnership of genre-crossing styles, flowing from powerful vocal harmonies from Tim Coffey’s soulful guitar and Kat Hilst’s powerful cello.

Plays Before:
Rodents of Unusual Size | 10/12/18 12:30 pm | Cascades Theatrical Co.
Soufra | 10/12/18 3:00 pm | Cascades Theatrical Co.
In The Soup | 10/13/18 3:00 pm | McMenamins-Theater
Rodents of Unusual Size | 10/13/18 5:45 pm | McMenamins-Theater
Silicone Soul | 10/13/18 8:15 pm | McMenamins-Theater
Pet Names | 10/13/18 8:45 pm | McMenamins-Fr. Luke’s


Downhill Ryder
Downhill Ryder is a band of songwriters who blend electric and acoustic sounds on an eclectic rock landscape. Each member brings a particular musical influence and style to the mix, that when combined, create a sound that is uniquely Downhill Ryder.

Plays Before:
Meow Wolf: Origin Story | 10/13/18 12:30 pm | Volcanic Theatre
Savage Youth | 10/13/18 3:00 pm |Volcanic Theatre


Hardly Heard
Hardly Heard is a band of dear friends who will soothe you with smooth harmonies and lyrical compositions rooted in the heart of bluegrass. They feature Nancy Hancock on the upright bass, Jack Kohler on the guitar, David Higginbotham on mandolin, and Jennifer Edwards on fiddle.

Plays Before:
You Can Choose Your Family | 10/12/18  5:30 pm | Tower Theater
The Push | 10/12/18 8:30 pm | Tower Theater


Hot Club of Bend
‘Hot Club Of Bend’ is an instrumental acoustic trio featuring guitar players Kristopher Morgan, Ian Bosevic and Jeshua Marshall of Larry And His Flask. They take the traditional styles of Gypsy Jazz, Bossa Nova, Rumba and Swing and blend them into their own unique style.

Plays Before:
Winter’s Bone | 10/11/18 8:30 pm | Tower Theater
This Teacher | 10/12/18 12:30 pm | McMenamins-Fr. Luke’s
Song of Back and Neck | 10/12/18 1:00 pm | McMenamins-Theater
Unlovable | 10/12/18 3:30 pm | McMenamins-Theater
Savage Youth | 10/12/18 8:45 pm | McMenamins-Theater


Jennifer Smieja
Singer/songwriter Jennifer Smieja brings a refreshingly honest take on life and love to her finely drawn songs. Lead by her pure and resonant voice, her band deftly weaves through the sounds of country, new folk, and Americana.

Plays Before:
The Last Hot Lick | 10/13/18 10:00 am | McMenamins-Theater
Song of Back and Neck | 10/13/18 3:00 pm | Tower Theater
Hold Fast | 10/13/18 5:45 pm | Tower Theater
The Last Hot Lick | 10/14/18 1:00 pm | Madras Performing Arts Center


Joyroot is a acoustic soul / world beat / folk duo of Shireen Amini and Ian Carrick based in Bend, OR. Together they blend rhythm with story in themes that draw attention to the unavoidable connections between our inner healing and greater eco-cultural healing.

Plays Before:
Stray Dog | 10/13/18 10:30 am | McMenamins-Fr. Luke’s
The Blessing | 10/13/18 1:15 pm | McMenamins-Fr. Luke’s
Fort Maria | 10/13/18 3:30 pm| McMenamins-Fr. Luke’s
Narrative Shorts #1 | 10/13/18 6:15 pm | McMenamins-Fr. Luke’s


Laurel Brauns
Laurel Brauns’ voice is a multi-hued tremolo that sounds like it is from somewhere cool and northern. She has released four albums and toured the college and coffeehouse circuit on both coasts. She currently plays weddings and events around Bend with violinist Julie Southwell under the name “The Ashlings.”

Plays Before:
Sometimes a Great Notion | 10/14/18 6:00 pm | Tower Theater


Michalis Patterson

Plays Before:
Documentary shorts #1 | 10/13/18 3:15 pm | Cascades Theatrical Co.
Ingrid | 10/13/18 5:45 pm | Cascades Theatrical Co.
Time Trial | 10/13/18 8:00 pm | Cascades Theatrical Co.


Movement Arts

Plays Before:
OPENING NIGHT FILM: Leave No Trace |10/11/18 5:30 pm | Tower Theater (on stage)


Rider By My Side
RiderByMySide is a Bend-based acoustic band that performs American music ranging from traditional folk and bluegrass to country soul. They blend 3-part harmonies, guitar, and fiddle into both hand-crafted originals and timeless covers

Plays Before:
The Astronot | 10/14/18 10:30 am | Tower Theater
Narrative Shorts #2 | 10/12/18 3:15 pm | Tower Theater
Encore TBA | 10/14/18 12:30 pm | Tower Theater


Third Seven
Third Seven’ is the music of Billy Mickelson, a full time performing artist since 2008. The music of ‘Third Seven’ utilizes looping and layering of cello, rhythm and vocals to fill an entire audience with a unique ambient atmosphere for all to get lost in.

Plays Before:
Narrative shorts #2 | 10/13/18 12:45 pm | McMenamins-Theater
Encore TBA | 10/14/18 3:15 pm | Tower Theater


This Island Earth
This Island Earth begins their process by arranging songs around captured field recordings, resampled instruments and myth laden narratives. The results are then given life with a borderless sound that wanders from ambient rock, to minimalist electronic, to world rhythm.

Plays Before:
Dig! | 10/12/18 3:00 pm | Volcanic Theatre


Tone Red
Whiskey inspired soul tunes with style.

Plays Before:
Family Shorts | 10/13/18 10:00 am | Tower Theater
Science Fair | 10/13/18 12:30 pm | Tower Theater


Travis Eherenstrom 

Plays Before:
Narrative Shorts #1 | 10/12/18 10:30 am | Tower Theater
Documentary Shorts #1 | 10/12/18 1:00 pm | Tower Theater


Ukulele Cinda
Cinda Johnson was in the “right place at the right time” when she was given 37 ukuleles and commissioned to spread the joy of the instrument throughout the world. Being a children’s entertainer for the past 30 years performing music and magic, she loves songwriting, rhythm facilitation, teaching and performing.

Plays Before:
Northwest Shorts | 10/13/18 10:15 am | Cascades Theatrical Co.


Whiskey Jacks
Whiskey Jacks is a laid-back and fun-loving band playing High Desert Swing, Jazz, Blues and a mix of other danceable tunes. Boasting the powerful vocals of Sheila Neumann, multi-instrumentalist Larry Gregerson, songwriter Jeannie Sifneos right up front on keys and Jeff Woodruff on upright bass.

Plays Before:
Late Night Shorts | 10/13/18 10:30 pm | McMenamins-Theater