BendFilm is an independent Oregon film festival in the truest sense – rugged, brilliant, daring, adventurous, fun, and engaging. Located in the wondrous mountain town of Bend, OR, we have been showcasing some of the best independent films in the Pacific Northwest and beyond for 18 years. BendFilm is an imaginative and thought-provoking film festival as well as the operator of a microcinema, the Tin Pan Theater. Our Festival screenings are intimate, allowing you immediate access to the next best filmmakers. And if you are an indie film advocate or are just looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, our festival and theater in Bend, Oregon is well worth it.

Bend, Oregon is a culture-loving community that shares your passion for creative arts. It is no wonder that over one thousand films get submitted to our festival every year and we screen over 100 films throughout the year at the Tin Pan. We host a wide variety of film genres that cover just about every topic imaginable. Our festival is hosted in a number of local theaters including a historic movie theater downtown, a state-of-the-art cinema, inside a craft brewery, a chic performance venue, and BendFilm’s very own year-round cinema, the Tin Pan Theater!

Mark your calendars for the 19th Annual BendFilm Festival, in person October 6-9, and Virtual October 10-23, 2022!

Our Mission

BendFilm celebrates independent cinema’s unique power to enrich lives, amplify diverse voices, and inspire change while educating future storytellers and bringing vibrant festival experiences to communities across Central Oregon year round.


Our Purpose

BendFilm believes that the art form of cinema has a unique power to cultivate empathy about different life experiences while providing insights into the filmmaking process for aspiring artists and general audiences. Through these efforts, BendFilm amplifies the voices of underrepresented artists and bridges cultural divides through a shared, communal experiences.

Who We Are

We are people who believe that art is best channeled through creative genius; not commercial interests. We also believe that film festivals are best experienced in a relaxed atmosphere where the next venue is a block from the last and the words “velvet rope” apply to fashion choices; not exclusive access ordeals.

Our contribution is to provide brave and talented independent filmmakers with exposure, opportunity, and, well, CASH. The creation of film without the burden of box office concerns is a luxury BendFilm cultivates for filmmakers. One of our favorite pursuits toward that end is creating new ways to add cash to the BendFilm awards. For those who demonstrate mastery in the craft of filmmaking, BendFilm salutes them and then provides capital that will help them to continue their work.

Additional motivators include the cultural betterment and economic stimulation of our home: Central Oregon. There is no better proof that our efforts are appreciated than to stand on Wall Street during the festival and watch the enthused expressions on fellow Bendite’s and out-of-town faces. It’s a rush that keeps us on task during the less fun times of creating this event.

Finally, we are a group that believes that by supporting film education, we are cultivating generations who will understand the value of independent art from an early age. Arts education programs are drying up in Oregon schools. We see access to arts education for all as a vital component for a well-rounded mind and population.

As you’ve read this far, you are probably of like mind. We are thrilled by the outpouring of positive comments we receive. Thank you for your interest and whatever support you provide to independent film. To learn more about ways to support our mission, click here.