BendFilm now offers several film education opportunities for Central Oregonians of all ages during the Festival and throughout the year.


  • Each year we host the Future Filmmakers Festival where 5th thru 12th grade students create and screen films during each festival. More
  • In partnership with ScaleHouse, every summer filmmakers of all ages enter the 72-Hour Filmmaker’s Scramble where they create films in just 3 days all based on a single, common theme. More
  • The BendFilm / Caldera Artist-in-Residence program provides a month-long residence for emerging filmmakers to work on their next films while teaching filmmaking to Central Oregon Students on the weekends. More
  • The Tin Pan Theater  will begin hosting film screenings and talks to help cinephiles of all ages gain a deeper appreciation of the art form led by film experts in the community including one of BendFilm’s Programmers Ellen Shelton.
  • Don’t forget to check out our educational panels and lectures that run each Friday and Saturday during the Festival! (2019 schedule coming soon)

If you have ever wanted to enter the filmmaking fray, BendFilm is here to help. Join us!