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Pamela Hulse Andrews’
Independent Women for Independent Film

BendFilm has developed a clever way to sponsor its film awards thanks to the innovative thinking of late Pamela Hulse Andrews, CEO/Founder of Cascade Publications Inc.

Andrews started ‘Independent WOMEN for Independent Film’ by recruiting 10 of her women friends to each pitch in $100 and sponsor the Best Director award.  A few emails and 15 minutes later she received commitments from 22 women, for an early total of $2200.

Pamela encouraged the women on her email list to forward the request to their circles of friends. One of those women, Rebecca Charlton, owner of Cowgirl Cash in Bend, drew on her network of customers and friends to add to the list saying, “This goes to show what an incredible group of women we have right here, willing to step up for such an excellent festival.”

And the list of women who have committed continues to grow!

After starting the program, Andrews said, “I’m thrilled with the response we’ve gotten from women in our community in support of BendFilm,” said Andrews.  “It’s key right now to preserve, enhance and protect this important festival and all that it brings to Bend. With such limited resources, BendFilm really needs our help now, and this is one small way we can join forces and assist.”

Please consider joining what can now be called a “movement” to support independent film and the memory of Pamela.

Those who wish to contribute $100 to this campaign should make their check payable to BendFilm, write “Indie WOMAN” on the memo line and mail it to the BendFilm office OR donate online here.

BendFilm thanks Pamela Hulse Andrews and the WOMEN of Central Oregon who make culture in our community thrive!

2018 Indie Women 

Ida Alul, MD
Karen Anderson
Kate Bailey
Sandra Brooke
Judy Campbell
Abby Caram
Patti Carlson
Kendall Carlson
Pam Carty
Pat Clark
Debbie Cole
Beth Davies
Monica Desmond
Carolyn Dietz
Lisa Dobey
Andie Edmonds
Molly Foerster
Pat Fulton
Ann Golden Eglé
Jenny Green
Kathy Grim
Christi Haynes
Alison Hohengarten
Sue Hollern
Terry Kemple
Karen Koppel
Cristy Lanfri
Mary Marquiss
Lloyd McMullen
René Mitchell
Romy Mortensen
Cheryl Parton
Carolyn Payne
Donna Rice
Laury Riley
Liz Rink
Christine Schroeder-Fain
Trish Smith
Joanne Sunnarborg
Clella Thomas
Billye Turner
Kaari Vaughn
Caroline Vaughn
Katharine Vaughn
Jody Ward
Tiffany Ward
Rebecca Warner
Betsy Warriner
Elizabeth Weltin
Carol Woodard Kozimor
Linda Zivney
Bend Visitor & Convention Bureau

2018 Indie Women

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