Now Accepting RFP for Marketing and Development Manager

Join the BendFilm team!  Accepting applications through July 22, 2018.

Scope of Position:

The BendFilm Marketing and Development Manager works half-time in close coordination with and reports to the BendFilm Director. This position also coordinates closely with the entire BendFilm Board and Staff and is responsible for managing all aspects of sponsor, member, casual donor, and customer communication and engagement.

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Festival to Celebrate Native and Women Filmmakers

This year, BendFilm will expand upon our previous collaborations with Warm Springs, Madras and women filmmakers with the Motion Picture Diversity Program (MPDP). This program sprang from BendFilm’s desire to expand opportunities for Native American and female filmmakers to reach a large and diverse audience. The MPDP gives BendFilm the opportunity to strengthen the social fabric of Oregon’s geographically and culturally diverse population, as well as the numerous visitors who attend the
annual BendFilm Festival, by exposing them to the work of underrepresented artists.

Warm Springs COO and OCF Leadship Councilor Alyssa Macy presents the OCF check to the BendFilm Board.





This program has been made possible by support and partnership from the Oregon Community Foundation ($20,000), the Collins Foundation ($10,000), the Madras Performing Arts Center, the Museum at Warm Springs, Warm Springs K-8 and BendFilm supporters everywhere.

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Can Cinema Change the World?

We think so. Each year, BendFilm rallies support to continue our mission of using film’s unique power to unite the community and inspire social action. This year, we are thrilled to be partnering with the Bend Spay & Neuter Project to produce a film showing the human side of their mission. Many people in Central Oregon cannot afford basic food or health services for their pets. These individuals rely on their pets for comfort, protection, mental health, and companionship. BSNP understands the important social and healing roles our pets provide and it is their mission to ensure these pets are properly cared for in order to maintain these important relationships while controlling populations of domestic animals to manageable levels.

As we approach our second Power of Film event on June 2, we are reminded of all the independent films produced over the years that have had a positive impact on society and communities, trying to effect social change.

Here’s a short list of independent films that tackle real issues from LGBT, poverty, teenage pregnancy, drugs and climate change. What are some of your favorite social films?

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In Cased You Missed It…THE SQUARE


A new art installation at a Swedish museum is a cobblestone square described as a “sanctuary of trust and caring.  Within it, we all share equal rights and obligations.”   THE SQUARE is a series of vignettes — ranging from hilarious to terrifying — related to questions raised by that concept, one of them being:  What does it take to make people care?

The acting is brilliant, the cinematography is gorgeous, and there is so much to wonder about,  gasp at, laugh with, listen to and hold your breath for.  High wire cinema!

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Musings from the 17th Annual Ashland Independent Film Festival

By Todd Looby

A week after the close of the  17th Ashland Film Fest, it is great to remember how essential Film Festivals are to maintaining all that is good in the world. Last weekend, the BendFilm crew was introduced to things we didn’t yet know, were reminded of things we shouldn’t forget and met incredible people (on screen, on stage and in the audience) who live to keep the light of hope alive. And, we had the chance to celebrate many BendFilm alums who screened their films in Ashland. Filmmaking is strong in Oregon!

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Alumni News – Greta Gerwig

To celebrate our 15th Anniversary, BendFilm is reaching deep into the archives to catch up on the latest news and achievements of the many talented filmmakers who shared their earliest work with our community.

BendFilm is proud to have supported these one-time emerging artists and is happy to witness their subsequent success!

This list will be updated monthly and members will receive exclusive links to the award-winning work they screened at our festival.

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In Cased You Missed It…LIYANA

“In Case You Missed It…”  BendFilm will present LIYANA, the winner of both the Jury’s Best of Show and the Audience Award from last year’s festival.  In this genre-defying masterpiece,  five orphaned children in Swaziland collaborate to tell a deeply moving story of perseverance drawn from their darkest memories and brightest dreams. Their fictional character’s journey to rescue her young twin brothers is interwoven with painterly animation and documentary settings to create a spirited testament to the power of creativity. Doors open at 4:30 pm. TICKETS AVAILABLE ONLINE.



On Monday, February 5th, BendFilm and Central Oregon Community College’s Culinary Institute will partner to screen JAMES BEARD: AMERICA’S FIRST FOODIE.   The Culinary Institute will serve James Beard-inspired hors d’oeuvres at a pre-screening reception at COCC’s Elevation Restaurant from 4:00-5:30pm, followed by the film at McMenamins Old St. Francis School at 6:00pm. A Q&A with Director Elizabeth Federici and Culinary Institute Chef Instructor Thor Erickson will follow the screening.

Join us for a celebration — with food and film — of James Beard, the eccentric and brilliant Oregon native who recognized the importance of locally sourced food long before that concept was part of our culinary consciousness.  He also simply loved to eat and shared his passion by hosting the first television cooking show (1946), writing 22 cookbooks and countless magazine articles, and running an acclaimed cooking school in his townhouse in New York City.

Culinary Reception: Elevation Restaurant  at COCC | 4-5:30 pm

Film: McMenamins Old St. Francis School Theater | 6 pm (doors at 5 pm)  **Seats will be reserved for ticket holders attending the reception.